VCCESS Set to Power Play-to-Earn Gaming Space With New Lynx Platform Built on Hedera’s Hashgraph

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Los Angeles, CA (January 28, 2022) – WEB3/Metaverse firm VCCESS announces LYNX, its play-to-earn (P2E) platform-as-a-service for game publishers and app developers looking to enter the digitally authenticated collectibles industry. Built on Hedera Hashgraph’s distributed ledger technology, LYNX provides a plug-and-play API that gives game and app developers the ability to mint gas-free NFT’s and offer them as collectible assets and rewards within their interactive products.

The VCCESS plug-and-play LYNX platform solution allows digital rewards within games and applications to be minted directly onto the blockchain. For publishers and developers looking to incentivize their audience within the burgeoning WEB3/metaverse ecosystem, they can now empower them with the ability to have ownership of interoperable and authenticated assets, as well as vested interest in the IP.

“The VCCESS LYNX platform will make it easy for gaming publishers and app developers to participate in this nascent industry built across the metaverse and blockchain landscape,” comments Dil-Dominé J. Leonares, co-founder and CEO of VCCESS. “This platform allows for NFT minting and true interoperability of digitally authenticated collectibles as an on-ramp into the metaverse. We’ve seen a lot of excitement within the industry for this platform and can’t wait to open this up to developers across the world.”

The team at VCCESS is developing the LYNX platform with the goal of revolutionizing the play-to earn experience in the metaverse and enhancing the onboarding experience of the mainstream audience.

Korean gaming firm Epizodic Entertainment is the first to partner with VCCESS for its upcoming Sky Pop mobile game, integrating the LYNX platform for players. VCCESS and Epizodic also offered limited edition Sky Pop Gen-Zero Collectibles on Wednesday, January 26th, in anticipation of the game’s release later this year. These exclusive collectibles are available for interested customers at Epizodic Games brings decades of experience in the gaming industry, making them an ideal partner to incorporate this game-changing LYNX platform into their new Sky Pop game.

“We’re looking to build the next major sustainable gaming experience through play-to-earn,” said Gilbert Kim, Founder and CEO of Epizodic Entertainment Inc. “This platform is integral to our upcoming game Sky Pop and we are excited to be the first game to incorporate the VCCESS LYNX platform as a service.”

Sky Pop is a P2E action-adventure game set in a futuristic open world. The game will be playable on PC, Mac and mobile platforms and is set to debut in Q3 of 2022. Players will battle to help free thousands of influential pop culture themed prisoners underneath a mysterious hidden city. They will embark on a cosmic journey to find rare NFT items, build their own space city resort, trade with others and more. Built-in collectibles with real play-to-earn utility, transferability, and exclusivity will be key to the in-game economy.

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VCCESS is powering the creator economy with a platform-as-a-service model built for the new WEB3 metaverse world. Founded in 2021 by Dil-Dominé J Leonares, CEO and President and Alex Ok, Chief Operating Officer (Formerly President and Owner, Forever 21), the company built a platform for creators to own distribution of the intellectual property. VCCESS is also focused on providing a bridge for the 99% of non-crypto natives entering into this WEB3 metaverse industry. The company is based in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, CA and has been building in the NFT Blockchain industry since 2017.


Epizodic’s mission is to build the gaming metaverse. Founded in 2019 by industry veterans (former EA, Marvel, CJ Entertainment and Ogmento), the company is focused on developing original, high quality and free-to-play games for a global audience. Seasoned team has more than 30 published games under its belt including blockbuster games for Marvel, NBA, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and more. The company is based in Seoul, Korea and Los Angeles, CA and is fueled by a world-class development team. For more information:

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