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Donald Trump’s Son Threatens File Lawsuit Against TrumpCoin Project

ByLouis Adams

Jan 26, 2022 #Altcoins
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Eric Trump, the son of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has recently posted an appeal to the TrumpCoin project on his Twitter account.

Trump Jr. claims that the cryptocurrency project uses the name of his family for personal gain without any consent or approval. The second son of the ex-president has threatened the crypto project with lengthy litigation.

TrumpCoin is a startup that developed the TRUMP altcoin, a digital asset that was launched 6 years ago. Until today, the project does not have a high capitalization or popularity among traders.

The crypto project has responded to the Trump Jr threat. The developers of the altcoin have posted a screenshot of a 6-year-old statement that was posted on the startup’s website according to which TrumpCoin is in no way associated with the famous presidential family and their companies.