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‘Arivaman’ to Travel the World in a Unique and Innovative Way

ByLouis Adams

Jan 26, 2022
Reading time: 2 minutes

As the new year gets underway, there has been a lot of speculation and interest regarding what role the metaverse, crypto and VR (Virtual Reality) will play going forward. After all, our society is becoming increasingly digitised and the COVID-19 global pandemic is still very much ongoing. As a result, there is a clear need for everyone to continue to live their lives but in a vastly different way than before, and that is exactly where Ariva Digital comes into play.

Understanding Ariva

Simply put, Ariva can be thought of as an innovative blockchain platform which intends to solve the inefficiencies of the tourism industry by providing a next-generation blockchain-based ecosystem. It essentially wishes to influence the tourism sector by combining cutting-edge goods, services and products into its ecosystem.

This is divided into many important categories, according to the official whitepaper, including Ariva.World, Ariva.Finance, Ariva.Club, and finally the Ariva Metaverse. These are all interconnected too, allowing for improved compatibility and therefore providing tourists with a unique experience facilitated by the smart usage of blockchain technologies.

Ariva Wonderland, a new metaverse initiative by Ariva, would provide users with the opportunity to enjoy a fully next-generation and practically limitless tourism experience, allowing them to virtually travel to any place desired. Moreover, the Ariva metaverse project’s purpose is to merge the themes of VR and travelling via the crypto sector to offer a second life suitable for an expanding tourism industry. Due to this, users will be able to enjoy a new age of virtual tourism loaded with all kinds of unlimited future travel experiences. To that end, land sales shall start near the end of this month, and the project had also been listed on Liquid Exchange not too long ago with the ARV/USDT pair and gained a blue tick on BscScan.


The team has recently produced an NFT series starring ‘Arivaman’, the main character of Ariva Wonderland. Arivaman shall travel to over 24 different countries, including Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistani, Peru, UAE, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, USA, UK, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea, Japan, India, China Old and China Modern. Aside from that, there are also 9 different space themed NFTs, namely ‘Moon’, ‘Earth’, ‘Mercury’, ‘Venus’, ‘Saturn’, ‘Uranus’, ‘Mars’, ‘Neptune’, and ‘Sun’. Additionally, there is also ‘Back To The Wonderland’ along with 2 different Arivaman designs. The Arivaman NFT series is now launched. Visit Binance NFT more information.

In a nutshell, the concept of Arivaman is that a character had to be created which could accurately represent each aspect of our society, such as gender (the character itself is genderless), music, animals, and of course travelling. Arivaman shall hence go on different journeys in a new, unique and exciting adventure, and the team hopes that this innovative initiative will also help its Ariva Wonderland project. For more information, be sure to follow the official website and social media channels like FacebookTwitter and Telegram.