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2Crazy Signs First Player for the NFT Platform

ByLouis Adams

Aug 7, 2021 #NFTs
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PRESS RELEASE. Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo is the first player signed by 2CrazyNFT. He’s dubbed the Brazillian godfather of Counter-Strike, which is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter video games.

Gabriel Toledo de Alcântara Sguario 


FalleN is perceived as a true ‘legend’ by a vast amount of people in the eSports industry. Respected for his tactical mind, inspiring leadership, and extensive experience, he’s credited as one of the best players inCS:GO history. 

His first big tournament win was already more than a decade ago (the Intel Extreme Masters, as a member ofCompLexity).

FalleN earned $1.6 million in prize money in 2016. He pulled in half a million each by finishing first at bothMLG Columbus and ESL One Cologneback-to-back. Additionally, he cultivated Brazil’s eSports scene with his own company ‘Games Academy’. Those features helped him accomplish a spot in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

Team Liquid

Gabriel has been a member of various highly successful teams, from Luminosity to SK Gaming. Nowadays, he is part of Team Liquid, the most successful eSports team on the planet. 

Team Liquid has the highest overall team earnings (about $40m at the time of writing) and is highly respected in the industry. As the most experienced team around, they have had successes stretching over almost 2000 tournaments. 

While Gabriel Toledo has put his heart and soul into gaming, his life revolves around more than flicks and headshots. As the years have gone on, the CS:GO two-time world champion has expanded his repertoire into business and politics. This did not come as a surprise to many, since FalleN has been touted as one of the most intelligent players on this planet.

By signing this admired leader and fierce competitor, 2Crazy certainly enters the space with a bang. 

About 2Crazy

2Crazy’s industry-altering NFT platform allows fans to play with or against their favorite personalities.

Gone are the days when gaming was reserved for a lazy, casual afternoon competition amongst friends. Instead, enter the exciting world of eSports featuring worldwide tournaments, spectators in stadium seating cheering on figures sitting behind state-of-the-art monitors and lighting.

Gamers have achieved celebrity-like stardom with channels on platforms like Twitch that draw millions of viewers and a multitude of sponsors alike. But according to 2Crazy, this isn’t where the evolution of this multibillion-dollar industry ends. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Imagine the opportunity to play Fortnite with or against Ninja, one of the industry’s most well-known gamers, streamed live to millions of viewers. Or how about FaZe Clan in a Call of Duty session?

With 2Crazy, when you buy an NFT, the possibilities are truly endless. Users of the 2Crazy platform can also look forward to unique extra perks like lotteries, giveaways, and NFT Drops for people who are staking $2CRAZY.

If you’re not familiar with NFTs, you can find everything you need in this explainer over here.

2Crazy is backed by Twin Apex Capital, ICO Pantera, Exchange.bitcoin.com, Dark Pool, MDA Capital, MXC, Magnus Capital, Stakely, X21, Megala Ventures, Blocksync, Clouds Capital, Skynet, Orion Protocol, Exnetwork Capital & AU21.

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