• May 31, 2023


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Gate․io Expands Its Institutional Market Maker Services

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During the course of 2021, global digital asset exchange, Gate.io, saw a massive increase in the popularity of its platform. Gate.io now has over 1,300 coins and tokens listed on its platform with over 10 million registered users. As the platform’s popularity continues to increase, they have started focusing on long-term growth with a focus on their Market Maker service as part of its Institutional Services division.

Market Maker at Gate.io

Market markers are an important part of the global cryptocurrency market, providing liquidity to both decentralized and centralized exchanges. As Gate.io remains committed to expanding worldwide, it has cemented key partnerships in the space and launched several incentives to entice more partnerships. Gate.io supports over 1,300 coins and tokens and most of the leading cryptocurrencies available in the market today.

Through its Market Maker service, Gate.io offers distinct features for high volume traders such as flexible leverage of up to 100x, a frequency of 900r/s for order placement, 5000r/s for order cancellations and support for over 300 connections through WebSocket. All of these features remain key to Gate.io’s continuing service of corporate and VIP clients across the world.

Market Maker Incentive Program

In order to promote Gate.io’s premium services, the company has announced a new Market Maker Incentive Program, where top liquidity providers can enjoy various rewards ranging from a $200,000 monthly prize pool to a free 30 day VIP+1 experience, interest free loans worth up to $4 million, exclusive COLO services with millisecond updates and many more!

In order to participate in this campaign, all accounts on Gate.io or new accounts from other platforms must have exceeded trading volumes of 3000 BTC in the preceding 30 days through either spot or contract trading. Users with a VIP membership between Level 8 and Level 15 are invited to participate in the campaign.

About GIS

Gate.io Institutional Services is one of the major services offered by Gate.io, which covers VIP clients from around the world ranging from hedge fund firms, professional trading firms, market makers, and many more. Well-established firms such as Nibbio, Tower Research, Banxa are already collaborating with Gate.io in the space.

About Gate.io

Gate.io allows blockchain enthusiasts to trade and store assets in over 1,300 of the leading cryptocurrencies for over 10 million users from over 190 countries. The exchange offers spot, margin, futures and contract trading in addition to DeFi products through Hipo DeFi, custodial services through Wallet.io, investments through Gate Labs and its dedicated GateChain platform. The company also offers a wholly integrated suite of products such as its Startup IEO platform, NFT Magic Box marketplace, crypto loans and more.